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That abuse fit the Bush administration's view that national security trumps all other concerns, when in fact the need to preserve our wayof life in times of crisis demands that we uphold those constitutional protections then more zealously than ever.” US To Keep Syrian-Born Canadian On Terrorism Watch List. Gonzales about the case,” said in a statement yesterday, “This abhorrent practice stains America’s reputation as a defender and protector of human rights, and I hope this administration will renounce it at long last.” (1/23) reports, “American officials said Monday that a Canadian should remain on a U. terrorist watch list despite the Canadian government's conclusion otherwise and its apology after the designation led to his detention in Syria.” CNN continues, “In a joint letter, U. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff informed Stockwell Day, Canada's minister of public safety, that they had again looked at DOJ NMG 0120034 intelligence in their possession concerning Maher Arar. ‘Based on this re-examination, we remain of the view that the continued watch listing of Mr. Arar to Canada, and that there is no reason for him to be on a watch-list,' said center attorney Maria La Hood.” Cohen Urges Stimson’s Firing.

Intelligence officials say all of those involved have either been captured or killed.” The Los Angeles Times (1/23, Meyer, 850K) reports, “The plot appeared to be little more than an informal list of Al Qaeda-affiliated operatives and initial plans... But it was deemed serious enough to alert the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security, which mobilized agents in the United States to look for possible terrorists and for signs of attempted infiltration, said the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to discuss classified details of the case.” D’Souza Says Radical Muslims Hate US Popular Culture, Not Freedom. They hate our freedoms.’” Qn the contrary, D’Souza notes, “Radical Islam's main charge against America is that we are a decadent, immoral society that is projecting its culture and values throughout the world and threatening their faith.” D’Souza adds that the Bush administration “should stop calling for democracy worldwide,” and “show the rest of the world the face of traditional America. And America should promote traditional family values, not feminism and homosexual rights, in international forums like the United Nations.

The administration's change of heart was clearly no coincidence. Congress must continue its oversight of this program. There are simplytoo many unanswered questions.” In an op-ed for the Washington Times (1/23), Bruce Fein writes, “George Orwell had his ‘/Viimal Farm,’ and Attorney General Aberto Gonzales has his version of the Constitution. According to the attorney general, the three DOJ NMG 0120033 branches of the government are equal, but President Bush is more equal than Congress or the Supreme Court.

Thus, the president is constitutionally empowered to open mail, conduct electronic surveillance, break and enter homes, or torture detainees in defiance of federal statutes. He adds that President Bush, like British kings, can do no wrong in national securitymatters.

In a USA Today (1/23, 2.27M) op- ed, author Dinesh D’Souza writes that Americans “are still under the illusion that America is fighting a war against the enemies of modernity. If traditional Muslims realized that there are millions of Americans who go to church, take care of their families and live by traditional values, they would be less likely to view us or our leaders as the Great Satan, and fewer of them will be tempted to join the camp of the Islamic radicals.” Prosecutors Claim Padilla Defense Leak Could Taint Jury.

The ^ (I/ 23 , Anderson) reports, “The leak of transcripts of Jose Padilla's intercepted telephone conversations by a defense lawyer to The New York Times violated a court order and could jeopardize selection of an impartial jury, federal prosecutors said Monday. 'There is no question that the disclosure was calculated and deliberate, with the effect of exposing potential jurors to evidence before it is introduced at trial when both sides will have the opportunity to argue its significance,' prosecutors said in court papers.” The AP continues, “U. District Judge Marcia Cooke has scheduled a hearing Wednesday on the issue, the latest in a string of complications to arise in the case of the alleged al-Qaida operative.” The AP adds, “Padilla, a 36-year-old U. citizen and former Chicago gang member, is charged with being part of a North American cell that provided cash, supplies and recruits to Islamic extremists.

So, has the administration actually backed down on one of its key interpretations of executive power? Already some are speculating that the Gonzales letter is really a Trojan Horse.

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