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This was the first time I was there during the whole night from eight o' clock in the evening till almost four o' clock at night.And of course Benny Brown was reading the news that night.I remember about my pocket radio under my pillow in the sixties, listeneing to top 20 at midnight, then the long car rides to the north of my country during my time in the army.Great memories ,i am working doing gold shows on Radio Cumbria.After the implementation of the Copenhagan Plan in 1951 the English programmes of Radio Luxembourg moved (July 2, 1951) from longwave to the famous 208 metres (1439 k Hz; in 1978 1440 k Hz.) medium wave.I liked all the broadcasts--Dutch, German, and English.And there we met Tony Prince and Paul Burnett again.On the night of April 18, 1976 I was very surprised to hear Barry Alldis on the radio again.

Great site, brought back good memories for me growing up in the 50's and 60's.

one of my listeners remembers 208 and asked me if i could find a song that she said was used for close down[dont know the year] it has the following lyrics " a long lonely road we travel dont know where we're going" i know this is a long shot but thanks again for the memories tommy murphy Ballina, Ireland (02/10/2011) 805.

Lars Erik Hanhart Bergqvist Stockholm, Sweden (29/09/2011 803.

In the summer of 1968 for the first time most of the programmes came direct from the studio's in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg; with discjockey Paul Kaye as the first newsreader.

Hello Dick, I have written my contribution to your 208 guestbook, but I would like to tell you some more, what is meant especially to you.

Tuning in at night with my old valve radio, especially during my student days.

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