Positive effects of online dating

Globalization which refers to international integration as a result of exchange of ideas, views products and the different cultures of the world has made it possible for an individual to keep tabs with what he or she finds amusing or interesting.

Music, movies and community networks are some of the topics that I and members of my age group follow.

If one falls behind or is not in contact with the new trends, ideas, activities, perspectives and commercial products, they are left out socially, economically and culturally. Popular culture refers to those ideas, activities, trends, ideas, images, commercial products that are brought up or created to meet the preferences and tastes of the masses of people.

These phenomena are integrated into peoples’ culture as a result of globalization and influence by the media.

Mode of wearing, commercial products, lifestyle, language and images portrayed in the movies and music are what people adopt and assimilate into their day-to-day lives resulting in the change of the own culture and thereby adopting a popular culture.

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This creates the need for someone to change from what they are to what people find to be suitable.Popular culture therefore has both positive and negative influence on people but undoubtedly, it has changed traditions that have been long in existence.Globalization and media existence ensure that popular culture will thrive and influence cultures, identity and generations.Community networks such as Twitter and Facebook have been used as forums for dating meeting new friends and even to pass information to large masses of people at a go.Use of these community or social networks including network sites has led to creation of identities.At the same time, it means something -- something negative -- if a man or woman has consistently horrible eating habits....

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