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A really immature, stupid part of me felt almost proud of snagging Luiz.

The guy was completely oblivious to his good looks, or maybe many guys in Lisbon looked like him. We spent our time going to restaurants, dancing in clubs and taking ridiculous photos in the wax museum. The next morning we took a taxi together, dropping him off at the bus station first.

We fumbled and mumbled around nervously until he finally kissed me. It also helped that I wanted to kiss him all over and could stare at him for hours.

While I was miserable walking around cold, gray Berlin, so much so that I have to admit I missed out on seeing some of the most famous cites (yes, even the Brandenburg Gate… I am a horrible, horrible person) the best part was always coming back to our room where we could crawl under the covers and cuddle for hours.

Of course I had in my head some of portuguese stereotypes as : The portuguese women have mustache, everybody smell like bacalhau, everybody likes Fado, they are explorers and have so much story to tell us…

If you have been unsuccessful in love, consider one of our Portuguese brides.

On the side note, Lisbon is rated very highly in the ‘good looking men’ category, so if anyone is looking for a nice city to visit – you can skip arrogant Milan and meet good looking romantic Portuguese men instead! For a short period, it felt as if he was my boyfriend. We kissed each other, not without his eyes getting red again and me actually joining in this time.

They look great with or without makeup under any circumstance.

We spent so much time in the room that Pamela became very irritated as we would never come down to meet her on time. She was alone, in an extremely deserted hostel which I picked for my own purposes and the fact that Jose acted a completely different way towards her than Luiz towards me didn’t help matters.

We did meet the guys the same way and in the same place.

And the amazing thing is that he has eyes for no one else.” So yes, other girls did in fact notice him. When our two days in Berlin were up, so were Pame’s. We had a red silk bed, black walls and leopard print rugs. We spent lots of time lounging around in the bed, taking showers together and just being unable to get enough of each other. ” I almost laughed, which I agree must have been quite insensitive. While it definitely was flattering he fell for me so much that it hurt him, I didn’t want someone who cried so easily. Then I cried all the way to the airport with a teddy bear called Luiz sitting on my knees. Then I felt guilty beause he waited for me for so long and even bought tickets to New York for us. Crying, I locked myself in the bathroom and called Luiz, who sounded miserable and knowing him, might have started crying with me.

The day she left for New York, we took a bus to Hamburg, where we stayed right within the red light district where all the strip bars, clubs and falafel stands were. I loved seeing his unshaven face first thing in the morning, when he would envelop me in his arms and I would not want to ever get up. He nodded his head but put his hand in front of it. When I got to Toronto, I waited a few days before seeing Dominick. During the date I realized that I do not nor did I ever like him. The sex was horrible as I wanted so badly to push Dominick away.

I never in a million years imagined such a crazy outcome.

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