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In order to encourage settlement, early colonists were offered three years' immunity from taxes, levies, and services (except military service).

The first permanent settlement in the Andover area was established in 1642 by John Woodbridge and a group of settlers from Newbury and Ipswich.

Three Andover residents, Martha Carrier, Mary Parker, and Samuel Wardwell, were convicted and executed.

Five others either pleaded guilty at arraignment or were convicted at trial: Ann Foster, Mary Lacey Sr., and Abigail Faulkner Sr. Those who were not executed were granted reprieves by Gov.

(daughter of Andover's minister, Francis Dane) in 1692 and Wardwell's wife Sarah and Rev. William Phips, but the convictions remained on their records.

In 1713, in response to petitions initiated in 1703 by Abigail Faulkner Sr.

and Sarah Wardwell, Massachusetts Governor Joseph Dudley reversed the attainder on the names of those who were convicted in the episode.

By 1705, Andover's population had begun to move southward and the idea of a new meeting house in the south end of town was proposed.

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King Philip Six Indian raids occurred between 1676 and with the last in 1698 led by Chief Escumbuit.

In May 1646 the settlement was incorporated as a town and was named Andover.

This name was likely chosen in honor of the town of Andover in England, which was near the original home of some of the first residents.

Phillips – who would later go on to found Phillips Academy – was later appointed by John Adams to help draft the Massachusetts state constitution.

During the burning of Charlestown (June 17, 1775) Andover townspeople hiked to the top of Holt Hill to witness it.

Brown refused, was fined 0, and sentenced to eighteen months in prison, the most severe sentence then imposed under the Alien and Sedition Acts.

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