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This module consists of three different study divisions representing three distinct subject areas which are closely related to each other: Division A: Education Law (4 credits); Division B: Education Systems (4 credits) and Division C: Education Management (4 credits).

Education law influence the education system and vice versa, and both law and system influences classroom management.

In terms of time allocation the rule of thumb is 10 notional (study) hours for 1 credit.

The notional time includes all the reading, preparation, assignments, tests, time to study, etc.

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The assignments will form part of your participation mark.

Important technical requirements for all assignments: Include a cover page with the following information: The initials, surnames, student numbers and telephone numbers of each group member, as well as an indication of the course (PGCE) each is enrolled in.

Summative assessment will take place during the written examination at the end of the semester when the focus will be on exit outcomes.

The written exam for this module will be partially open book (Statutes of Education Law to be taken in).

For this module you will need the following study material: Continuous assessment in the form of projects, assignments and self-assessment tests may take place during each study unit.

Formative assessment will include group or individual assignments, class tests and a class participation mark.

Therefore, you have to complete the assignments in each course and hand them in for assessment.

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