Priv1 edb not updating


After you create a Storage Group in the Exchange Management Console, we have an empty directory on disk.

The only thing that actually happens is setting a property for the Storage Group in Active Directory, so no log files have been created yet.

When the database is actually mounted, these things will happen on disk: Tip.

In the old Backoffice 4.x resource kit there was a small utility called “mailstorm”.

All information in these log files is flushed to the database. There can be information logged in the log file in this same log file beyond this point after mounting the database again.

The offline copy of the database has also been checked for consistency.

If there are, they are fully deleted from the database and their pages are freed up (that is, marked as “white space”).

Remember what I wrote in my previous article: “everything is logged in the log files, even the creation of database files!

” If you dismount the database, delete the database file “mailbox database.edb” or whatever name you have given the database and try to mount the database again, the following error is raised: As you can see both the log file signature and the database signature match, so these files belong together.

A database can contain corrupt pages, and as long as these pages are not read by the Exchange server you will never know these pages are corrupt.

Suppose somebody is on a one year sabbatical leave and his mailbox data is never accessed, corrupt pages can exists for this period of time without being noticed.

This can be achieved using the /R option for Recovery.

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