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In this case, the user profile with email of [email protected]_ could not be located in the User Profile Service.Can I execute the code using app-only/add-in only permissions?This requires that the updated CSOM redistributable package has been installed on the computer where the script is executed. In the picture below, you can see two sub folders for two different executions created in the document library where the import file is stored: The actual log file is saved in the sub folder and you can download that from Office 365 for detailed analysis: Following table contains typical exceptions which you could encounter when you start using the User Profile Service bulk API. The API will validate that all properties currently being mapped are NOT user editable.By using Power Shell, you do not need to compile your code within Visual Studio, which may be a more suitable model for some customers. The exception will point out the property which cannot be used.

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The value of the property from the source data will be used to lookup the user.Below is an example using C# of how to start the process using the sample input file above: // Create an instance of the Office 365 Tenant object. Add("Office", "Office Code") # Call to queue UPA property import $work Item Id = $o365.Loading this object is not technically needed for this operation. Execute Query(); // Type of user identifier ["Principal Name", "Email", "Cloud Id"] in the // User Profile Service. Queue Import Profile Properties($user Id Type, $user Lookup Key, $property Map, $import File Url); # Execute the CSOM command for queuing the import job $context.However, this approach is inefficient and too time consuming (especially when dealing with thousands of profiles).Many enterprises need to replicate custom attributes to the Share Point user profile service and so a more performant user profile bulk API has been released.The import process uses a JSON file containing the properties and their values. The file contains information for four different accounts within the tenant.

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