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Although this option may help you save on interest charges, you still have a combined debt, which represents the total of your old debts.If you are not careful, and you still have access to your accounts and credit cards, there is a chance that you will be tempted to use them, therefore go further into debt. You have the chance to maintain a good credit rating if you act quickly.However, not all debts can be combined into a consolidation loan — a mortgage cannot be included, for example.Your financial institution will be able to tell you which of your debts you will be able to pay off with the loan that they grant you.If you are not careful and still continue using your credit accounts, you might get tempted to use them, which would increase your future debts too.– Financial institutions offering debt consolidation loan may not be as flexible as the creditors, and they need to ensure that their payments are being submitted on time.

The service requires full cookie support in order to view the website.Furthermore, you will only have to make a single monthly payment to your financial institution, instead of making several monthly payments to various creditors.Financial institutions may not be as flexible as your creditors.You need to be sure that this option is the best for you when taking a debt consolidation loan in Canada.When you use Loans Geeks to check your debt consolidation options, we will present you with the selection of up to five top-rated loan lenders in Canada, that best match to your specific financial situation and the region where you live.A debt consolidation loan is a single loan (generally from a financial institution) that allows you to repay your debts to several or all of your creditors at once.

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