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September 14, 2016 ~ Traci Sanders is a very busy woman.

She seems to have a lot of kids around, which suits her role as a parenting author, but she also publishes romance and children's fiction.

His book, November 16, 2016 ~ James Muller has had an experience that is the nightmare of most people.He worked extensively in the middle east, in addition to having written three other books on his experiences with Islam.He's got a unique perspective on what's currently happening there, as well as within the United coming on to talk about personal information and security when it comes to our online activities.It took twelve years, however, to get out of prison so he could head back to the US.Steve's going to talk to him about this amazing and horrifying story.June 29, 2016 ~ Steve "The Dean" Williams is coming on to talk about dating and relationships, but in what might be considered a controversial way.

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