Redating an ex wale dating seattle


Recently my guy friend expressed interest in being in a relationship with me.

I was hesitant, knowing the "girl code of ethics" states you never date a friend's ex. What is the etiquette for telling the girl (who, by the way, is living with a new boyfriend)?

They get back together rather than risk living with the regret that they didn’t give it another shot.

A reader writes: I was friends with a couple in high school, though always closer with the guy.Unless you are close friends with this girl, then don't even ask her about him, just accept his invitation with an eager heart and see what he's about.Don't lose two friends Weigh your options carefully.Even so, here are some things to bear in mind if you are considering getting back with an ex.Just as there are wrong reasons to be in a relationship there are also wrong reasons to get back with someone.If you really believe your ex has learnt their lesson and changed whatever it was that caused the break in the first place then it may be worth giving them a second chance.

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