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As the NBA Finals near its ending, the players who really made an impact on the biggest stage become obvious.

For the Warriors, their three stars, as well as Andre Iguodala, were their best performers.

As good as Jefferson has been, he's still a flawed player.

There are times when he makes the same mistakes that drove past coaches crazy. It is, however, an unexpected chance to alter the narrative surrounding his career.

Jefferson can't really create for himself anymore, as he's not as explosive as he used to be, but has learned when to cut, still has a good first step and is strong.

He's burned Draymond Green on straight-line drives and punished him for playing him loose, something Kevin Love simply can't do.

He sopped up minutes for a terrible Utah team in 2013-14 and, like many veterans, did a solid job in a small role with the Mavericks the year after.

His impact has only grown in the finals, as he has been that second big wing that Cleveland needed to match the Warriors' small lineups.

The strangest thing of all is that it's been his basketball I. and effort level -- once considered his biggest weaknesses -- that have made it all possible.

You really need to go back a few years to understand how surprising his resurgence has been.

It's only after looking at his entire career that one realizes how surprising this stretch of smart, team-oriented play really has been.

No one would have predicted that before the series started.

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