Rppc postcard dating

Ginger Champaign Water Of Health huge display bottle - Defender Stamp Box Unposted - Unused - Moxie Thermometer by door, Mobiloil signage and pumps, Gulf and Quaker State signs, Mount Zircon Spring Water Co.

In the past I have written a couple articles regarding postal history.

(IN) - Richmond - Covered Bridge - Postcard - Bridge w/Advertising On Roof For Geo H Knollenberg Dry Goods & Carpets 813 815 & 817 Main St Ad On Billboard Ellwood Morris & Co Books Sationery Etc Real Photo Post Card (RPPC)World Guide Number (coveredbridge_box1)Unposted - Unused - Moxie Thermometer by door, Mobiloil signage and pumps, Vintage Auto at pumps, Mount Zircon Spring Water Co.The original collector’s interest can be seen by examining one of their albums. Others collected cards from the area they lived in.Others collected Patriotic cards and Holiday cards.I have one very rare card in my collection taken at the Whiting Library. Real photo postcards can be copied and enlarged without much distortion.They are so sharp that often under magnification you can read a small sign on a building.Some of the Halloween cards are exceptional with bright orange pumpkins and black cats.

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