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The organizations he created and led have introduced some of the most innovative software solutions in the areas of systems management, relational databases, internet application development and currently, application Platforms as a Service.Sprinzen founded and became CEO of VANTIQ Corporation.He has worked for Thyssen Krupp Elevator for the last 23 years.Prior to becoming involved in Thyssen Krupp’s Internet of Things, he was Operations Director, Thyssen Krupp Elevator Middle East.Tom is the IT Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.He leads a collaborative, practical, and hands-on approach with JPL and industry to investigate and infuse emerging IT technology trends that are relevant to JPL, NASA, and enterprises.Tom has led remote teams with large scale IT best practices and tools development and change efforts in small startups, large commercial companies, in international venues, and in the US Government arena Katherine is the Regional Director of IT, Americas, at TRUMPF North America.

Non-members and guests of members are welcome to book rooms at the Club."A place set apart to contain books, periodicals, and other material for reading, viewing, listening, study, or reference, as a room, set of rooms, or building where they may be used or borrowed".We've added eclectic and innovative design, inspirational and thought-provoking programming, food, drinks, overnight rooms and wellness right in the heart of London's theatreland - so you never have to leave.Pages will fly, as two of the UK's most innovative small presses go head to head!Birmingham's The Emma Press comes to London for the night, represented by heavyweight poets Kathy Pimlott, Ben Rogers and Emma Simon.Christine Frank is the UA Evangelist - Pro Bono at OPC Foundation.

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