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The members of the Russian family closely communicate with each other and frequently get together, especially on such family occasions as birthdays and anniversaries.

Just like in any family, there might be misunderstandings and even quarrels among family members, however one thing is certain: Russians cherish their families and are always ready to help their relatives in difficult times.

When a child is born, the young family receives support in the amount of 343,387 rubles (approximately ,000 in 2010).

Many Russian families bring up three or more children.

The tradition that everyone should love their own home and protect their family is instilled into Russians since the early childhood.

Just a few decades ago, it was very common among Russians to play the wedding at an early age.

In wealthy families, an apartment may become a wedding gift from relatives.

Some couples apply for a home loan to buy their first home.

Nowadays the majority of young men and women in Russia prefer not to rush to marriage and such trend has gained popularity: prior to marriage, the future spouses strive to receive good education, find a decent job and achieve the first successes in their careers.Just like in other country, there are agencies providing the services of nannies and babysitters however their services are rather expensive and young spouses prefer to take care or children on their own. It's fairly common in Russia for a grandmother to look after children while their parents are at work.In any case, parents always have a right to leave work for the term specified by law. The meaning of the family in Russia is not limited to the husband, wife and children.It stretches to include grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers, sisters, nephews and nieces.However, that is not a requirement and each family finds their own ways to address their in-laws.

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