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It's a classic farce setup that Segel, thankfully, is less interested in exploiting for a series of mortifying run-ins as he is exploring the mechanics and fallout from a breakup itself. Rather, it's the beginning of a long, painful, and disorienting process of recontextualizing a whole person. No one likes to get dumped, but Sarah is no shrew, and certainly not a villain.

Throughout the film she, too, is navigating an impossible position, torn between an old flame and a new fling (not to mention Jonah Hill, as a diehard fan of Snow's). Less impressive is the handling of Rachel (Mila Kunis), a receptionist at Peter's hotel who quickly becomes his confidant and muse.

And that's one of the genius touches of this comedy.– Sarah Marshall and her new boyfriend, the rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand).Over the course of the film, Peter fights his feelings for Sarah while also trying to move on.Russell Brand is, for once, well cast in the role of vague, vain singer Aldous, who's also the object of obsession for a waiter and aspiring musician in the Hawaiian resort.That this waiter is played by Superbad chubster Jonah Hill only makes the whole thing funnier.The third-act revelation that Peter was an unspectacular boyfriend comes as no surprise, and addresses one of the burning questions raised in so many other lesser films: Why do women stick around for these unambitious, boring dudes? She functions at just a tiny notch above "plot device," but there's nothing for Kunis to do in this movie save for helping Peter realize a series of things about That trope is, at least, subverted elsewhere.

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