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Emo couldn’t have happened the way that it did without Myspace and forums and You Tube. Sometimes I’ll make a meme just for my friends, not for the internet, and when I do it comes literally right when I see the picture, you know?

I sat with Lil Peep and got him to show me his favourite things on the internet; many of which are from the 2000s, a time he calls “the best years”. So now I’m really thinking like, how can I make some memes?

The 20-year-old got very famous very quickly from rapping emotional lyrics over the top of beats and samples from 00s emo songs.

His songs deal with drug use, anxiety, suicide, and girls.

Someone walks in and you’re already laughing, you know what I mean?

Sometimes you get like, we call it slap happy in the States. When you’re with your friend and you can’t stop laughing at everything.

She jut lacks the confidence to make the invite, plan, and make it happen.

People really can hate me.” And how could he not be divisive?

Now, I promised her I would be there to help in any way I can (encouragement, tips, shared recipes, and benefits of hosting). I say cook as many recipes as you can ahead of time, so you can relax and enjoy your guests when they arrive. The more you host, the easier it becomes (and the more your confidence builds).

He knows this better than anyone, and not long after we start speaking, he asks how my friends feel about him.

Gone are the samples, but it is regardless very much 00s emo reimagined for 2017 – and it works.

It works so well that Peep not only has legions of fans and detractors, but imitators.

His social media accounts, like his music, are visceral and honest; his sell is that he is relatable and fucked up and anxious and really, really loves drugs. He might be inspired by 00s emo, but his online-first presence means he’s also very firmly a product of today. Ketamine will make everything more difficult in life besides doing nothing at all.”“It’s called like Veggie Tale facts or vegetable facts or like fun veggie facts.

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