Sandra lee dating governor

“We don’t even think about it, and nobody says anything,” Lee said.But because the Food Network mainstay is not his wife, she is not entitled to a State Police security detail.The master bedroom at the governor’s mansion got a little crowded after the inauguration. Cuomo spent the night in his parents’ old bedroom with First Girlfriend Sandra Lee and the power couple’s newest “baby” — a 2-month-old cockatoo so fragile he needed to sleep next to a heating lamp for warmth. DICKER: DAVE’S ‘SECRET’ POLICE IRK ANDY ETHICS 101 FOR NEW CREW GOV TO SEEK WAGE FREEZE In a wide-ranging interview touching on everything from her unique “title” to how Cuomo’s kids found out they were dating, Lee said she has big plans on the horizon now that the inauguration is over.“Andrew got me a baby cockatoo for Christmas,” Lee told The Post. But first she has to pick a name for her darling baby bird, whom she swaddles in a cloth diaper to keep warm and feeds formula with a tiny dropper.Instead, Lee — who has amassed a fortune through her cooking and entertainment empire — hires a private security company.Lee is like past first ladies in one way — she’ll use her platform to highlight a pet issue.Kennedy — unraveled after she was rumored to have taken up with polo-playing dandy Bruce Colley. Finally, after a year and a half, Cuomo’s parents broke the news to their grandkids. We just wanted to make sure that we were going to be together forever [before we told them].As a result, Lee and Cuomo were so gun shy when they started dating that neither told his three daughters she was his girlfriend. I don’t believe in disrupting their lives,” she said.

Guests included Neil Patrick Harris, Alec Baldwin and Brooke Shields.

Andrew Cuomo, at Elton John’s AIDS Foundation benefit — even though the Gov was being honored at the event. Crew’s Jenna Lyons was more forthcoming, even when we brought up how she was stopped by security at a White House fashion event recently. “I’m going to be doing this all night.” Anderson Cooper was bolder while auctioning off lunch with himself and Matt Lauer.

The first girlfriend’s press rep warned us at Cipriani Wall Street not to ask about her appearance in one of his campaign ads. “It was purely just because they had some information about my name slightly incorrect and they double-checked and triple-checked for security reasons,” she explained, saying First Lady Michelle Obama “gives a great hug.” Lyons, in a plunging jacket with no shirt, admitted she was nervous about a slip. “I will give a little extra with dessert, if you know what I mean,” Cooper joked.

“It’s not just the poor and the homeless that are suffering.

It is the middle class, too,” said Lee, who came from an impoverished background and has written about her mom relying on food stamps to feed the family Today, the “Semi-Homemade” star is going to food banks in Albany and Syracuse, and she plans on visiting others, including one in Manhattan, over the next couple of weeks.

Her would-be mother-in-law, Matilda Cuomo, focused on children’s causes, and predecessor Michelle Paterson made stopping childhood obesity a priority.

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