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Hibernate Dao save Or Update problem hi im new to spring using cocoon,hibernate and spring in my application. I have a need to increment the log ...hibernate Or Update does not commit Hello, Can anybody help me?when im trying to use save Or Update() method in the Hibernate DAO Class. I am following a tutorial on however I found that I could not insert data into Sybase (or value was not ... I have a problem with Element Collection in a spring and hibernate environment.In this case backend scenario I mentioned above) Here we try to save a detached instance which means that NHibernate’s dirty tracking and tracking of collection removals will not work. One approach is to fetch the order from the db and do a manual merge of the changes.The current system that I am working on has a data access layer that is using Linq To Sql and there are many, many update scenarios as described above.Why won’t the missing order line be deleted from the db?

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(Applications that use this kind of approach in a high-concurrency environment usually use versioned data to ensure transaction isolation.) This approach requires a slightly different programming model to the one described in the last section.

If the primary key already present in the table, it cannot be inserted.

application server) that has an operation called Update Order.

NHibernate supports this model by providing the method // in the first session Cat cat = (Cat) first Session.

Load(typeof(Cat), cat Id); Cat potential Mate = new Cat(); first Session.

The methods look like same and difficult to differentiate between them if you are not understanding them clearly.

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