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Jon Hersley, FBI Investigator: I knew a lot of the people in the building. Let’s see how you like it when the fight is brought to you. It’s a remote place, it’s a predominantly white place, and it’s the kind of place where everybody sort of minds their own business.

I knew the DEA agents that were in the building, I knew the ATF agents that were in the building, and those people were friends of mine. To me, it wasn’t a start of a war, it was a counter-attack. In the 1980’s, a lot of extremist groups found a sanctuary there.

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Clinton Presidential Library, National Archives & Records Administration Special Thanks Ben Howard David Schick David Thibodeau Don Hull Jim Hargrove Kathy A.

I could not believe what had happened to all of them and how this could be? Bill Morlin, Journalist: And one of those groups was the Aryan Nations.

How could somebody get to that state in their life where they could be so angry and upset that they would do something like this? Jess Walter, Writer: The Aryan Nations had established itself in Hayden Lake as a sort of headquarters of hate, radical right-wing hate.

With regard to this proceeding, basically there are four elements that I have to receive information regarding…Archival Sot: News Reporter: --all I can see, it looks like part of the building has been blown away.

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At the moment we don’t have any specific numbers on injuries or deaths, but we can tell you that the situation is obviously serious. I visualized the first floor, the second floor, the childcare was here, his crib would be here, and that’s where I wanted to get to.Helena Garrett, Mother: I tried to put the building back in my mind of where would he be? As I started to climb up the debris and the rubble, I remember a man yelling, “You can’t go up there, it’s too dangerous.” And I remember telling him “Our babies are in there, our babies are in there”.I just kept saying, “Our babies are in there.” Claudia Denny, Mother: When I saw the building for the first time, I just couldn’t see how anyone could survive any of that.Bob Ricks, FBI Special Agent In Charge: That morning, I was not in my office. We had a--a nine o’clock start, when all of a sudden my phone went off, and I was told that there had been some type of explosion at the Murrah Building.The greatest fear I have is that we have casualties in the thousands.At any one time there could be a couple thousand people in that building.

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