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Top-notch camerawork lets you see every inch of these studpuppets in action.

As an added bonus, they each produce about 8 gallons of spooge upon climax! Brosnan crashes the Harvard reunion, where a collection of shockingly gorgeous men is lounging around a pool.

When we left our protagonist, he was on the run from an earlier trick that he had ripped off.

As Part 2 begins, he has fled to Santorini, where he has briefly shacked up with two drop-dead hotties (Vidanov and Calderone).

I count my blessings every hour and enjoy the weather most every day.The movie wraps up with some romantic, candlelit bath time fun between Brosnan and Dane, followed by some heated oral and anal action between the two faux-lovers. Like the first part, Out of Athens Part 2 is a visually stunning, pulse-quickening porn masterpiece. You go partying and look for girls in the bars and clubs – it might turn out she’s a freelancer.Thai Cupid The biggest dating site in Thailand with more than one million members.Unfortunately, Wade (the fellow he ripped off in Part 1) is at the party, and Brosnan is quickly exposed as a no good, down and dirty thieving rat!

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