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Remembering those who have died – or been injured – because of overdose is an important part of International Overdose Awareness Day.If you would like to commemorate somebody, please add Tributes here.No one has heard him laugh in so long, he hasn’t felt a hug in several years, so many facets of this devastating loss that you don’t consider at first. He cooked for me, cleaned, decorated my walls with art and his art, made music for me on the computer and mp3 player.They slowly insinuate themselves into your mind when you least expect them and they never leave you alone again. He had an addiction to heroin and had to go to rehab a number of times.To everyone that has, is or ever will be, your not alone. No matter the outcome, always tell them “I love you”. Words unsaid No words Another day without him, then years. Unfathomable He was one of us Retreating to that dark place, grasping for light A crushing sadness like no other Remembering a life no longer lived, frozen in time Peter Pan comes to mind Everything he has missed Everything we miss about him Memories fade, others come in waves His name unspoken The unspeakable tragedy Love still lives; it has nowhere to go Unreciprocated love Twinkling blue eyes That wry, crooked smile Silently laughing at the absurdity of life He didn’t believe in dotting his i’s He loved us all, but didn’t say goodbye He visits in dreams Reborn as a hummingbird, iridescent wings flapping in eternity Joy coexists with agony Love never dies. On December 28th it’ll be 4 years that you’ve been gone. The pain is something I could’ve NEVER imagined feeling..Tomorrow may never come, but we have today, save yesterday for memories and not fuel for fights. 💗💗💗 California I’m writing this on Easter so this’ll probably show up tomorrow or in a few days. It has been a really long time and it doesn’t feel like it’s possible. I slowly became more suicidal and started cutting myself, it got bad so then I chose to stop after a while.My son asked her for a cigarette and she refused him and that was my last straw.. While he was with a friend Friday night she called him and told him she had “200$ worth of good dope and wanted to get together and talk things out” He gave in…Fast forward to Saturday morning.He would have given her anything and gone without .. My daughter awoke to go to the bathroom at 7am and heard her brother snoring, she returned to bed..

I am devastated and don’t know what to do or where to turn. NMB, SC USA This message goes in loving memory to Cody Anderson, I miss you ever single day and night my love . How many people might i kill or hurt today with this product I’m selling them. Cape coral florida USA My cousin passed away this past January (2018) of an overdose.

Just know that I will forever have a pure undying, everlasting love for you. He had battled addiction many years and had recently gotten clean with the help of an amazing Faith based Rehab in NC.

Say hi to Bammy & Grandpa for me ❤❤❤ -To whoever reads this & feels the same or is in the same situation, I’d like to say that you are strong for still being here! He stayed clean for a while, until his wife, whom was out of the picture because she refused rehab, worked her way back in.

But it all made me realize that I actually DO want to live and experience life.

I started drinking daily because it made me forget that you were dead, that stopped too as well. Waterbury My son, Chad , age 30 passed away on 3/17/18 from a fatal dose of herion/fentanyl ..

10am rolls around and as my daughter is sitting in her room, hears the wife storm out of the house, she didn’t think there was an issue and thought her brother may have left as well because his room was now quiet. While I showered I heard a loud banging, thought it was someone knocking on my bedroom door..

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