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But as I get older I find myself wanting to settle down with the right person. I haven't ever really had a problem with making money. Most of the time lately, I would agree with that sentiment. Unless you're a perfect 10 in the looks department, it's damn hard being a broke guy trying to date a woman unless you're under 22 and in college.Just because I don't particularily care for money doesn't mean I'm not adept at making it. Women want security and hell, do I even have to elaborate?Women want security and hell, do I even have to elaborate? many men have created an atmosphere of women believing they are entitled to be taken care of. well, for me, i have never continued to date anyone who expects me to solely carry the financial end or requires that i have a certain amount of things and / or money.agreed, of course, each should be self-sufficient as stated prior.In a nutshell, help people who can't afford it with their technology problems.Take in and fix up electronic equipment and then send it back out into the world to people who need/want it.Forget speed dating, classified personals and free classified ads, or other dating sites or chat rooms, Adultspace is the best!

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When I date a guy I think its fair that we take turns paying and in your situation it sounds like she would always be paying. Just read that you fix electronic equip for free.... I have roommates who are not always the best at paying rent so I have to cover them and it just kills the bank account.Personally, I'd rather be poor and happy than rich and unhappy.I think that anyone who judges you purely on how much money you make is very shallow and not worth your time. If you are self sufficient, then you should not be dissuaded from dating.Just think, why do you see some couples that appear to not really a match? Unless you really know their life I would say it's because someone had the great personality and knows how to treat the other person vise versa.I would also bet that in some situations, it's not just because one or the other has money Personally, I don't have an issue dating someone who doesn't have a lot of money.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Can have more or less of it and it shouldn't change the type of person you are.

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