Signs a man is dating other women

Why, because he is a player – and you are not the only gal he is playing with. Thus, acknowledging the alarming signs he is a player will be helpful for you before you begin to develop too deep of emotions and feelings in that relationship.You may not be happy about your relationship, and you do not trust your boyfriend. There comes a phase where we are confused if the boy we are dating with is a keeper or a player. I have made up a list of signs he is a player in order to help you know for sure.You do not know exactly and you do not want to leave him without any solid proof. Talking about sex may be sweet and you also like it.

One of the worst scenarios in life: you really fall in love with a man, and you want it to escalate into a serious relationship. Find out top signs he is a player below from!

He talks about the new responsibilities he has been given that will keep him longer in the workplace.

He comes home for a few hours and uses work as an excuse.

At times, this list may be longer and at others short.

While some of these pointers may just be coincidental, a combination of any of them simply indicates that your man is dishing it out to someone else.

You’ve heard him badmouth the gym before but now he has enrolled for daily workout.

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