Sings if hes dating another girl my little pony dating sim

If you feel like he's all about sending you mixed signals, it can get frustrating trying to figure out where you stand.

Some things do give him away though and here are the subtle but definite signs he's interested in you.

That girl is probably not interested in me and is probably not worth my time.

If a guy is flaky or cancels plans and does not reschedule, that guy is not interested in you.

Quite frankly, if he misses two consecutive dates, you can be absolutely sure of this.

Missing one date is one thing, but if he really wants to see you, he will make the time and put in the effort.

If you think he’s flirting with you, look closely at how he acts around other women. He might just be a flirty guy and the fact he acts that way around you means nothing.

Finally, if you are talking but he always seems to be the one that’s trying to end the conversation, that is another clear sign he’s not actually interested in talking to you. If he always talks to you in a casual tone of voice, similar to how he does with his friends, then he’s probably not into you.

When a guy is interested, there’s always at least a slight variation in how he goes about talking to you, a variation that proves he’s interested.

Does he unexpectedly hug you, or maybe touch your arm when he’s laughing? If you think that courtship through teasing is something only kindergarteners do, you’re way off.

Lots of guys show their affection this way, and it’s one of the almost definite signs that he’s into you.

I hate when people flake out, although it rarely happens to me.

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