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Declare all amounts in excess of SBD50,000 or foreign currency equivalent on arrival or departure.International credit cards are accepted at hotels and resorts in major centres.There are recent reports of security incidents around Honiara involving expatriates, including home invasions and a violent attempted car theft.You could encounter verbal harassment, intimidation or assault, particularly in situations where alcohol is involved such as at nightclubs and bars.Country: Solomon Islands Partner: Solomon Islands National Provident Fund Date: September 2015 – June 2018 Grant: USD 6,820 Target: 200-500 clients Current reach: 1200 (December 2017) Need: The 2012 Solomon Islands Financial Competency Survey highlighted the very pervasive reliance by low income households on family or community support during retirement.

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The research found that over 70% of respondents expected to receive financial support from their families in old age, with only about 12% stating they would survive off their own savings.

Contact a High Commission, Embassy or Consulate of Solomon Islands for up-to-date information.

Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after the date you intend to return to Australia and has at least two blank pages.

More serious attacks, including carjacking, robbery and sexual assaults, also occur.

Women are most at risk, especially when alone in public places.

While there is a prevalence of strong community support, increases in urbanization and changes in social structures erode these support mechanisms over time.

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