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More serious attacks, including carjacking, robbery and sexual assaults, also occur.

Women are most at risk, especially when alone in public places.

Attacks have occurred at popular tourist sites such as Mbonege Beach.

The incidence of crime typically increases during the Christmas period, in the lead-up to major holidays and following periods of political instability.

Contact a High Commission, Embassy or Consulate of Solomon Islands for up-to-date information.

Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months after the date you intend to return to Australia and has at least two blank pages.

Your passport is a valuable document and attractive to criminals who may try to use your identity to commit crimes. Be aware of attempts to obtain access to your passport by deception.

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According to the Solomon Islands census (2009), the total number of economically active workers is 169,107, indicating a strong scope to explore extending an appropriate voluntary micropension scheme.Visitor visas are available on arrival for stays of up to 90 days.Visa and other entry and exit conditions (such as currency, customs and quarantine regulations) can change at short notice.The SINPF Act also provides for voluntary contributions from members who are not part of a formal employee-employer relationship to be accumulated as savings, with a view to providing such member’s superannuation benefits.Being the sole social security benefit provider in the Solomon Islands, SINPF has an important role in mobilizing people’s savings, building their assets through prudent investment management of the fund and providing good returns to members, thereby contributing to their financial well- being.Expatriates and visitors can be attractive targets for opportunistic crime.

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