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The Whitney ended up leasing their iconic Marcel Breuer building to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but imagine if they had partnered with The Arch League to create the ACA — the American Center for Architecture.Image via Artcyclopedia3pm: Biosphere The architectural community is obsessed with the geodesic dome and its pied piper is Buckminster Fuller.Image via La Presse5pm: Le Vin Papillon With an hour left in the city, I make my way to the industrial working class neighborhood of Little Burgundy, the home to David Chang’s favorite restaurant, Joe Beef.The proprietors recently opened a third venue on the same block, Le Vin Papillon, where the menu changes daily on blackboard walls.

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At this early hour, I was lucky to be able to roam undisturbed among the interior connecting plazas.Image via Rose and Partners The 130,000-square-foot center is a mash up of minimalist tendencies overlaid by Post-Modernism, resulting in a surprisingly airy and subtly humorous environment.CCA houses one of the three most comprehensive architectural archives in the world (the collections at Columbia University and the RIBA in London complete the triad) and boasts 700 architectural journal subscriptions.Image via Rose and Partners1pm: The Canadian Center for Architecture Three rousing cheers for Phyllis Lambert.If she’d been a New Yorker, her vision for an international research center and museum would be based here instead of her hometown of Montreal.So it’s out of character when I pull my phone out to snap a pic of my first dish.

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