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Chicago is a straight up juggernaut of culture, food and events. Take in the architecture cruising the Chicago River. For killer burgers to five-star dining head to the West Loop. Episode #17 In this episode Joel visits Tampa Bay Florida and talks with Steve Torregiante who runs 8 different “Big Mechanic” shops in the area.

In this Episode Loyd Prouty gives us a behind the scenes look at his unique mobil Muffler Man.

Episode #19 Join Joel as he travels to Gainesville Texas to get the full story behind Glenn Goode and his line up of fiberglass giants.

Glen started collecting Muffler Men long before they were considered rare or important.

This is a play list of all the current video’s available on American Giants youtube channel. All release dates are subject to change due to my crazy work schedule.

The episodes run from 8 to 15 minutes each and cover different muffler man trips and discoveries across America. AMERICAN GIANTS SEASON #1 Episode #1 “Flying Pigs and Soda Jerks” Joel and Neto tackle a huge Muffler Man road trip from Phoenix to Hayward and end up at Bell Plastics to check out Bruce Kennedy’s growing collection of Muffler Men.

The trio lifted the lightweight fiberglass statue from his 19-year hillside home without any issues and loaded him onto an Illinois-bound trailer.

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