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I hope that in the near future Zvonareva will show us some cute pics of her child and reveal the identity of her husband.The winner of 12 WTA singles titles and two-time Grand Slam finalist is now retired, but she’ll apparently stay around tennis by commentating on the sports channel.This rule does not apply, of course, to major sites, monuments or works of art, each of which generates a substantial bibliography by itself. 4) References in Russian (marked by an asterisk) have been kept to a minimum, i.e. Another decisive factor in the development of Sogdian studies has been the recent recognition of the Sogdian influx as a major factor in the cultural history of China in the Wei, Qi, Song and early Tang periods (fifth to eighth centuries) after many years of indifference or actual denial by Chinese scholars. Grenet, Frantz et collaborateurs: L’Asie centrale préislamique. Téhéran- Paris: Institut Français de Recherche en Iran, 1988 (Abstracta Iranica, volume horssérie 3) [reprint of reviews published in Abstracta Iranica 1-10, with supplement and indexes; continued, mainly by É. Commercial records in Turco-Sogdian and Chinese, found in Turfan and Dunhuang, shed new light on the integration of Sogdian colonies into the social fabric of early mediaeval China. de la Vaissière, in the subsequent volumes of Abstracta Iranica (11-23-), section “Est de l’Iran”].

For such information the reader is referred to the tables of contents of the archaeological journals listed above.

Sogdiana and the Sogdians have exerted the greatest attraction, thanks to their historical role as intermediaries along the Silk Road and also to their particularly refined artistic culture (already in 1981 Sogdian Painting, published under the direction of Guitty Azarpay, was a revelation for many). Grenet, Frantz; Sims-Williams, Nicholas; la Vaissière, Étienne de. Provisional report of researches on historical sites and inscriptions in Mongolia from 1996 to 1998.

In reality, Sogdian studies have never ceased being cultivated in the West since the beginning of the 20th century, but for the main part had been confined to philologists working on the text material brought back by the British, German, French, and Russian expeditions in the Tarim region. Drevneishie gosudarstva Kavkaza i Srednei Azii [The most ancient states of the Caucasus and Central Asia]. “The Sogdian Ancient Letter V.” Bulletin of the Asia Institute, 12 (1998 [2001]), 91-104. “The last days of Panjikent.” Silk Road Art and Archaeology, 8 (2002), 155-196. Osaka: The Society of Central Eurasian Studies, 1999. Sogdian and other Iranian inscriptions of the Upper Indus.

The international community of Sogdians was numerous, but today the community of “Sogdologists” is still very narrow.

The reader will probably notice a tedious recurrence of authors’ names in the following listings. Christianity in Sogdiana and in the Sogdian colonies d.

Let me remind you that Zvonareva has plenty of career options, as besides being a world-class athlete, she managed to obtain two degrees: one from Russian State Academy of Physical Education and one in international economic relations at Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow. What a lovely addition to my WTA Players and their Love Partners page.

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