Talk to webgirls 100 free no credit card


i have personal information that the person how wrote this report wrote it to slander the female persons name who is mentioned in the report it is false and is extremly vindictive and wrong to to do this to a incent everyday person who has nothing to do with this subject matter and hope she files a legal action against the persons involved...

dear ed, its a long story to tell the shortly this report made by my bf.

way back of feb 2009 this made as i remember this done by my bf while we are fighting he give me some threat if i break up or messed up with him,he will do some move that will ruin my reputation i was too innocent for this report as i didn't listen his threat on me..

and i find out my boss told me that my name was on the repoff report list while his reading on the site..

for those viewers and readers who is open minded to read this situation will understand who is right and wrong??

and my bf just copy paste this and just put my name above so he won't do much effort to write...

READ: Foreign websites steal our content amateur match is nothing but a total scam site to reel you in. I was getting lots of messages and i thought wow how great this is.

I singed up for a month and then well what a surprize no more messages .

The profiles are all fraud and if they are legi from inocent people trying to find someone, they leave them on, so many of the contacts are non-existant.

I paid on this site only because I was invited to it to fill out a free profile to see if it brought any inquiries from woman.

I was there for honest intentions to meet someone decent not for cyber sex. God knows how many scam charges are on my credit card, I talked to my credit card company and they won't do anything until I get my bill.

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