Twoscompany dating


This website is just for browsing random profiles, there aren't any subscription parts to it so I'm not sure where the 'rip-off' is?In the past Twos Company was a good local site, now it has deteriorated as if the only process for the site is to make its owners "loades of money".i had got to know a couple of nice people over the web site, then getting messages to them and for them to send me a message became a problem, we tried to solve the issue from both ends but the problem was with twos company, and replying to text messages from them is renewing my membership its a shame because had some nice chats when the web site was working…Read Full Review On joining the site , I gave my mobile no. Some weeks later I was going on holiday , so emailed the site saying no more text messages untill further notice due to holiday . Responding to these alerts costs a fortune £1.25 per minite mostly spent listening to recorded company blurb !However full subscriptions are available for as little as £12 per month if you add a photo and record a voice message.Please feel free to contact the customer services team quoting your 6-digit membership number and we will be happy to set you up with a free subscription and work on your advert with you to see if we can get things moving in a more positive direction.In answer to the second point we guarantee that every ad is 100% genuine and always accompanied by a voice greeting.

The £3 payments are there for members who do not wish to commit to a credit card subscription.Another 3 quid for another 5 word reply to my fairly detailed response.Only half the message I sent her shows in my 'sent' box so don't know if she got it in its entirety. Got nowhere, same maybe as on POF but at least that's free.I have been trying to remove my details from Two's Company for over two years!I have just had yet another email from them (at am!There is no joining fee and the service is effectively 'Pay as you go'.

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