Update grub not updating menu lst


For example, 11_something will be placed after the default entries by the operating system, whereas 08_something will be placed before the 10_linux entries. In Linux, you may want to use something like: linux /boot/vmlinuz initrd /boot/But in Windows, you would probably use: chainloader (hd X, Y) 1 Therefore, a complete script example would look something like: #!

/bin/sh -e echo "Adding my custom Linux to GRUB 2" cat section.

I have done this in order to get rid of the default 10_linux, which is ugly and uses generic kernel names in the titles, plus it calls both Ubuntu and Kubuntu the same. After rebooting, we have this - I apologize for the uncomeliness: Once we are using the new scripts boot properly, we can then chmod -x the 10_linux and get rid of the generic 2.6.31-14 entries, keeping our menu nice and dandy. For instance, I changed the Kubuntu entries to 08 and 09, to make them boot first, before default entries and the custom Ubuntu script.

This is something you may want to do, just as we have shown above.

This is something you should consider before trying GRUB 2.

What you need to know are the changes in the configuration files and the way GRUB 2 operates. ) located under - This new directory contains GRUB scripts.

These scripts are building blocks from which the file is built.

My goal is to provide people running any flavor of UNIX-like operating systems or multi-booting their computers and using GRUB as their bootloader with a simple, no-nonsense, step-by-step, proven and working tutorial that should allow them to quickly, easily and painlessly control the boot sequence of their systems.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to work with GRUB 2, add and remove menu entries, customize titles and boot options, dual-boot and triple-boot operating systems, combine legacy GRUB and GRUB 2, and we will even see how Windows fits into this scheme. Although it already ships with Ubuntu flavors, it is not yet production quality per se. Although the same can be claimed for Google Mail, which was beta for some six years or so, you must exercise caution.

It is the customization part of the GRUB, similar to the old menu.lst, except the actual boot entries.

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