Updating agp driver Laura ballwin webcam 33

Can someone please tell me which one is the correct one so that I can update my driver.Thanks.1ST PLACE: [DRIVER VERSION:]DISPLAY PROPERTIESAdapter Type: RAD 9000 series (under that theres) Adapter Info: Chip Type: Rad 9000 series AGP (0x4966)DAC Type: Internal DAC(400 MHz) Memory Size: 64MB, BIOS Info: BK-ATI VER008.004.010.000 (from there I clicked on the )Properties Button: Info under GEN Tab: RADEON 9000 Series, Device Type: Display Adapters, Manufacturer: ATI Tech, Inc, Location: PCI Bus 1, device 0, function 0, clicked on DRIVER Tab: Rad 9000 series, Driver Provider: ATI TECHNOLOGIES, INC Driver Date: 2/21/2006, Driver Version:, Digital Signer: MS WINDOW Hardware Compatibility Publisher.

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AMD's AGP adapters require correctly functioning AGP support from the operating system in order to run the WDDM driver under Vista.Drivers: Main Driver: ati2dvag.dll, Version: 6.14.0010.6601, Date: 2/21/2006, WHQL Logo'd: Yes, Mini VDD: ati2mtag.sys, VDD: n/a, DDI Version: 9(or higher).4th Place: [DRIVER VERSION:]DEVICE MANAGER: RADEON 9000 SERIES PROPERTIESDevice Type: DISLAY ADAPTERSManufacturer: ATI Tech Location: PCI bus 1Driver Provider: ATI Tech Driver Date: 2/21/2006Driver Version: Signer: MS WIN Hardward Compat Publisher Thanks a bunch in advance Oh, one other thing. I'm dying to play Second Life and can't really enjoy game til I get this driver thing straightened out.Is there a tool that can help analyze my drivers and help maybe with the installing of it as well. Decided that there might be a conflict with Vista automatically uninstalling vgasave to let the WDDM drivers take over(not a hardware guru so dont know if thats even possible, just an idea), so uninstalled that. After loging in launched Device manager seen no conflicts with anything, went into display properties and behold it lists Ati 9600se device driver. Other settings in computer, Bios Agp Apeture: 256, Still with Computer set to ACPI-PC will try ACPI-X86 after this, dont know even if it works if it will help people with dual cores.In Windows Vista 32bit or 64bit versions, the Device Manager will show a (!What to do in what order to gradually clean up the mess?

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