Updating and creating indexes unsuccessful


As the Website is built using Wordpress as a CMS, all the data is managed well by Wordpress.So we started exploring a PHP based solution to create the web service compliant to Web Services Description Language (WSDL) 1.1. Getting started with Nu SOAP was not at all a difficult job (Thanks to Scott Nichol’s tutorial).

Also, to support your People Soft instance, you do update stats at frequent interval.Recently, one of my customers wanted to expose their Web Services for the service users.They wanted to keep the data centralized in their website and allow it to be accessed by Desktop Client software on user’s consoles.This will eliminate the loss of data if damage isnt detected for several days.Backups should be clearly labeled so that you can distinguish one set from another.In addition to making backups of your tables, you should back up your transaction-related information by printing and storing posting journals and reports, or by sending them to a file.

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