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The frequency and type of backups you do depends on two factors: the acceptable amount of work that can be lost due to media or other failure, and the volume of transactions that occur on the SQL server.

As I was developing the Desktop Client App using .net, I felt it comfortable to have both Nu SOAP and client to be on my machine, for development phase.

Once you get a feel of it, just follow his Programming with Nu SOAP Using WSDL tutorial and you are done!

For the Web Service development, I preferred running the Nu SOAP on my using XAMPP.

Following steps are involved in creating “Web Reference” in solution: Add the Web Service URL, Discover and Add Reference. Try navigating to the URL on any browser to see, if the WSDL is proper.

If the WSDL is proper, you should see a well formed XML stream as an output. try navigating to Amazon Web service; URL: Service/US/AWSECommerce

To ensure that you always have current backups, you should design and follow a formal backup schedule.

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