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If your application launches on the i Phone X and doesn’t take on the full resolution of the device, the most common reason for that is a missing Launch Screen Storyboard.

You can review the documentation for more information on getting that set up.

If you haven’t already done that, check out the documentation on getting started with i OS 11.

Once the tooling is updated, you’ll be able to launch your app in the new i Phone X simulator and start exploring how your app behaves.

But what if you have a slow internet connection on your device and there are numerous apps waiting on your update list.

Undoubtedly, it will take a huge amount of time and also consume a lot of battery.

So, what’s your preference to update Android Apps – PC, Mobile Internet or Wi-Fi?

So, today, in this article I will give you the complete details on “How to update Android apps from PC”.

Just go on installing apps doesn’t make any sense because you also need to keep them updated.

Sometimes, it may happen that the version which you are running has bugs or less features than the newer version.

Pay particular attention to areas of your application that are not using Auto Layout or present content that is full screen.

If your application supports landscape, remember to rotate the simulator and check that the UI still looks great in that orientation as well.

Step 1: First of all, you have to download and install “Moborobo Tool” on your PC.

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