Updating firmware on mp3 plater

OR you can also drag your music files from the folder and drop them into the “Removable Disk”. Recording Time per 128MB depends on the sampling rate, a higher recording sampling frequency brings better recording quality, but takes more memory space.

In some models, you need to create a folder on the player and name it MVIDEO for storing the video files. Below is the recording time with different sampling rate: 8000 Hz — 8 hours ; 11025 Hz— 5.8 hours ; 16000 Hz—4 hours ; 22050 Hz—-2.9 hours ; 32000 Hz—-2 hours.

Your Curtis MP3 player is coming preformatted from the factory in FAT16.

Although the max FAT16 file/folder limit is 512 for the root directory, long file names can reduce the number of available files and folders in the root folder.

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