Updating mcafee virus scanner


Mc Afee rectified this by removing and replacing the faulty DAT file, version 5958, with an emergency DAT file (version 5959) and has posted a fix for the affected machines in its consumer "Knowledge Base".

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Mc Afee Live Safe integrates antivirus, firewall and anti-spyware/anti-ransomware capabilities.how to restore it or how will it affect me if leave it deleted, (browsing in the directory the file is there and was last modify on July 3rd, thanks!Mc Afee Virus Scan is an antivirus program created and maintained by Mc Afee, Inc.(Earlier versions used the name Virex, developed by HJC Software.) Key changes in Virus Scan 8.6 included Leopard Compatibility, a universal binary package that ran on both Intel and Power PC-based Macs, On access scanning and Apple Mail support.In tests by Virus Bulletin and other independent consumer-organizations, Mc Afee Virus Scan has not fared well, frequently failing to detect some common viruses.Mc Afee's On-Demand scanner may error out if the computer is running more than one anti-virus program at the same time.

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