Updating multiple rows on gridview Amerika sex chat room

For this example, we are going to assume that you only have one column that needs to be updated and that the control is a checkbox control.

One of the issues you are going to run into with this is that you’ll need to know which row is associated with the control when it is updated.

Using the same Grid View control from the previous examples, you can enable the end user to sort rows as easily as he can paginate them.

This is quite useful when dealing with a large collection of data in the Grid View.

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What if you didn’t want just a blank box to show an empty value, but you wanted to show some text in place of the empty items in the column.The second step was to edit that Template column and replace the default control in the column with an updateable control.In this case, we replaced the default Label with a Radio Button List that had its Data Source set to a table that listed the user's choices. This workflow is especially frustrating if the user is updating a single field in the Grid View (for example, a checkbox that supports a "Delete all selected rows" button).Editing Data in the Item Template The first step in the solution was to convert the column that would contain the Radio Button List into a Template column. The goal was to let users check off the radio buttons without having to put the row in edit mode.

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