Updating older motorhomes

After the handle is removed the entire assembly can be removed from the ceiling. Disconnect the coax cable and carefully separate the antenna from the roof.In most cases there will be putty tape under the antenna base.Go inside the RV and remove the old antenna handle.Remove the Allen screw from the handle using the correct size Allen wrench.What were the major factors that pushed you into keeping vs. Travel Trailer Niagara Falls RV Camping RV Newbies RV Wants vs. Last year I started having problems with our old bat wing style TV antenna on the RV, so I decided to replace it with a digital RV antenna.I use the plastic scraping tool to work around the base releasing the old sealant. After the antenna is removed clean any remaining sealant that was under the antenna base.As a final step I like to clean the roof surface with some denatured alcohol on a rag.

Remove all of the sealant and the mounting screws, but do not attempt to remove the antenna before you remove the antenna handle on the inside of the RV.You can purchase the Rayzar z1 as a complete unit or as the antenna head with adapter.It would be easier and less expensive to go with the antenna head that retrofits directly to the existing antenna, but as I mentioned earlier our antenna has seen better days so I opted to go with the complete unit.I added some sealant over the screw holes and as a precautionary measure I will add some roof sealing tape over the sealant after it cures. The remainder of the installation is done inside the RV.Install the plastic extrusion in the hole and rotate it until the keys line up with the bottom of the antenna.Remove any exposed butyl tape and apply an approved sealant over the screw heads and around the base of the antenna.

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