Updating open solaris


For my primary desktop I stick with the released version of Open Solaris 2009.06 (snv_111b) and I live vicariously through all you cowboys out there that run along the edge.The development builds of Open Solaris provide access to some great new features, but they also commonly bring with them some great new headaches.A new boot environment is automatically created when you update particular system packages such as some drivers and other kernel components.A new boot environment might be automatically created when you install, uninstall, or update.command takes zero or more names of packages that are already installed.

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Within the constraints of the image policy regarding BEs, you can control the creation of new and backup BEs using the options described below.Tip - Explicitly specifying a new boot environment is the safest way to install or update. The new boot environment is the default boot selection the next time you restart the system.The new boot environment is a clone of the current boot environment with the specified install, uninstall, or update changes applied. The current boot environment is still available to be booted.This operation is likely to update key system packages and create a new boot environment.(5) man page to understand how files with these attributes are handled during installation and update.WARNING: Proper system update and correct package selection depend on the presence of this incorporation.

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