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We are mindful that the majority of those who will make up our presbyterates in the next ten years are already priests, and thus, will benefit from the directions in this document. A comprehensive plan describes the wide range of priestly ministry and life, noting the possibilities of grace and the shadow dimensions of temptation and sin as well as the challenges and resources that are available.

We recognize the special and unique formational needs of members of religious congregations. Consultants to the committee are the following: Very Rev. A systematic plan organizes the particular elements in ways that connect them together.

At the same time, there are specific formational challenges that emerge in particular seasons of their priestly ministry.

God invites them to transformation across their lifetime, and their formation is marked by constant elements at every stage of life.

We hope that the episcopal conference will periodically renew this plan. At the beginning, it is important to identify the intended audience for a basic plan of priestly formation. In the first place, the audience includes bishops and presbyterates who want some guidance in the formation of a holy and effective presbyterate, and holy and effective priests.

We are grateful to many people for their work in developing this document. The audience will also include directors of ongoing formation and continuing education who can use this document to organize and review their efforts.

With that in mind, we offer this currently in use in the United States. A more realistic aim is to identify the true formative points of human, intellectual, spiritual, and pastoral encounter that priests must face in their ministry and lives and that are the privileged places where God's transforming grace touches them.

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Finally, a basic plan of priestly formation can be a help to the people of God as they seek to support and encourage their priests in their priestly service and spiritual journeys.This document is aimed more specifically to members of diocesan presbyterates. It draws out practical implications, especially for program development.We invite those responsible for the ongoing formation of members of religious congregations to study this document and to make useful applications where possible. From the Gospel comes the light and fire of God's love. The Holy Father has said, "The Bishop will live up to his responsibility, not only by seeing to it that his presbyterate has places and times for its ongoing formation, but also by being present in person and taking part in an interested and friendly way" (PDV, no. Through the intercession of Mary, mother of priests and the great "sign of certain hope and comfort to the pilgrim people of God" (] [LG], no. May they grow in wisdom and grace and, through a new evangelization, draw all people to the Lord Jesus Christ in whose name and person they act and exist. Finally, we commit ourselves to participating in the process of ongoing formation.Due to a number of vehicle breakdowns today we have been unable to collect the garden waste bins from the following streets in Yaxley; Landsdowne Road, Badger Close, Southdown Road, Litchfield Close, Windsor Road, Mere View, Birch Close, Mulberry Close, Silverbirch Walk, Cherrytree Walk, Peartree Walk, Highfield Walk, Apple Tree Close and Bramble Close.

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