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Rockwell Automation is aware of the problem, and has a knowledge base article that discusses the issue (#63904 - and suggests that users update the firmware in their Ethernet modules to fix the issue.

Chris It has finished scanning the drives, as soon as I open up Everything there is just an empty window and at the bottom it says 'Updating Database' and thats it just continues to say that while using almost all the CPU so nothing else can run properly. Oh just guessing, but perhaps some weird setting, so ... Hi, I need to change password in one directory from the values in another directory.When I tried to use the Ignition Updater I get the device error please call technical support under details it says Device SKU cannot be determined.I noticed when looking at the files on the old SD cards that there are a lot of files so when I install a new card all that is on it is the new Nav file (upper card) or Misc. I tried copying everything over to a new card and that worked fine on the Nav (upper) but the lower needs more than the 2gb cards I am using. I can't tell if the old cards are HC but anything over 2gb are HC so not sure what to buy.Also am I right in needing the other files that are on the old cards copied to the new cards and then download the new updates? The 2gb isn't large enough to hold all the data on the lower cards.The newest G1000 S/W version may copy the info to the other side for you (someone help me here) but I hear it is very slow. Remove NAV card from top PFD slot and move to top MFD slot9. Same prompt to update database, but on the MFD this time. Once complete, verify that the databases are up to date on the MFD splash screen12.

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