Updating server core

Luckily, when you run Windows Update, the penalty in disk space is minimal.

It’s no longer the fortunate Tech Net and MSDN subscribers and Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) aficionados who have Windows Server 2012 R2 RTM Server Core bragging rights: Now everyone and their moms gain access to Microsofts latest and greatest Windows Server product family (and its System Center cousins).Since that time, many improvements have been made to the manageability of Server Core installations.Also, many dedicated 3rd Party and open source Server Core management applications have been introduced and Server Core admin have adopted these and already existing tools to manage their servers.A vanilla Server Core Installation takes up 9 GBs of hard disk space, where a vanilla Full Installation fills up 12 GBs of hard disk space with data.Freeing up disk space now, more than ever, involves removing the installation files for GUI modes, Server Roles and Server Features.Of course, when configuring highly customized Windows Server installations you might, if you need security and/or performance and disk space is of the essence.

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