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A Monte Carlo Approach to Determine Stress Orientations and Differential Stress Ratios from Microseismicity and Earthquake Focal Mechanisms Using Elastic Dislocation Modelling, H.2-D Seismic Reflection Imaging of the Bennett Thrust Fault in the Indio Mountains of West Texas, Alan Vennemann, Marianne Karplus, Galen Kaip, and Steve Harder, #30519 (2017).Jackson, Rodmar Ravnas, and Marcus Sarginson, #50411 (2011).Integrated Lab Studies For Uranium Exploration in High Radioactive Formationsuzdzewba, R.Bulling, Robert Marksteiner, Kristian Meisling, Jesse Koch, and Kim Koepke, #30523 (2017).

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Applications of the Lucia Method in Carbonate Petrophysics, George B.A Novel Oil Opens Up a New Play Beneath the Gadiaga Gas Field, Senegal, Nick Cameron, Rogers Beall, and Andrew Carr, #20407 (2017).Rao, Rawan Al-Mayyas, Thomas De Keyser, Christian Perrin, and Christopher Kendall, #40682 (2011).2017 AAPG Mid-Continent Section Meeting, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, September 30 – October 3, 2017; Abstracts #90309 (2017).Structural Analysis of Upper Cretaceous Carbonate Using Curvature Attributes, Campeche Sound, Gulf of Mexico, Antonio Cervantes Velazquez, Matthew J.Quantitative Characterization of Fracture Frequency Variations Using a Linear Piecewise Regression Analysis and the Akaike Information Criterion, Alex P.

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