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Warburton grew as an agricultural town during the medieval period, and it remained almost untouched by the Industrial Revolution; this is reflected in the population change between 18, dropping from 466 to 403, with little variation at a time when the rest of Trafford was expanding rapidly.Warburton lies in the Altrincham and Sale West constituency, and in the North West England constituency of the European Parliament.The first documented evidence of a church in Warburton was in a deed of 1187, when it was a chapel of ease for the parish of Lymm.Warburton became a separate parish in the 13th century.The church is surrounded by a ditch and bank, probably dating to at least the 14th century.Warburton is also the site of a medieval priory, near the Church of St Werburgh; although the priory was only formed in the 13th century, it was dissolved in 1270.A local bus service, 5 (operated by Warrington Borough Transport) links Warburton with Warrington and Altrincham.

The north western corner of the township was used as a deer park.The producers were astonished by the size of the "crater" he left in the couch when he came in to discuss the role.Historically in Cheshire, Warburton lies on the south bank of the River Mersey between the borough of Warrington and Greater Manchester.In the Domesday Book, the name was Warburgtune which name has evolved to today's 'Warburton'.The suffix –ton means a settlement or farmstead in Old English, indicating that the settlement has pre-Conquest origins.The local geology is lower keuper marl, with a ridge of sand and gravel running from Warburton to Dunham.

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