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It was on that island that he rescued her from the pirates that were holding her hostage - the first time he ever saved anyone in his life - using his newly learned archery skills to do so.

They fell in love soon after and lived out the course of their romance in Star City. Although Oliver became "Green Arrow" saving Tess Mercer while being stranded with her on a deserted island, it was when he to Metropolis and began dating Lois Lane that the complete super hero persona came into fruition due to Lois's suspicion of Oliver's secret identity.

He's also spoken about her in a prayer to his dead parents.

Oliver was faithful to Chloe though she'd been missing for several months.

Oliver returned the favor by once wearing a very similar red and blue outfit to cover for Clark.

(Identity) Oliver believes that in order to be a hero: - he has to be willing to make the difficult decisions - he has to put himself on the line for other people - he has to occasionally step outside the law for the greater good Oliver has faced no legal consequences for murdering Lex or attempting to murder Davis.

(Rabid) As Green Arrow, Oliver masks his identity with a green and black leather costume.

It brands a green 'G' on the belt and also has a hood and black sunglasses which contain a voice changer.

He and Tess do follow through on the billion merger and become full business partners.Biological family: Robert Queen (father, deceased)Laura Queen (mother, deceased)Jonathan Sullivan-Queen (son) Marital family: Chloe Sullivan (wife)Gabe Sullivan (father-in-law)Moira Sullivan (mother-in-law)Sam Lane (uncle-in-law)Ella Lane (aunt-in-law)Lucy Lane (cousin-in-law)Lois Lane (cousin-in-law)Clark Kent (cousin-in-law by Lois) is Chloe Sullivan's husband as well as the billionaire owner and CEO of Queen Industries, who also serves on the Justice League as a vigilante archer, Green Arrow.As Green Arrow, Oliver dresses in green and black and utilizes a variety of arrows and gadgets for many forms of defense.His sunglasses have special electronic features, one of these features allows him to communicate with Watchtower.The outfit has been worn by Clark Kent on one occasion to act as cover for Oliver in Hydro in his attempt to prove Lois wrong when she suspected Oliver of being the Green Arrow.He eventually decided to get his life back on track, thanks to Chloe Sullivan's intervention.

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