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Today, we're taking a look at the theory and psychology behind the size, framing, and visual weight of different elements in your photographic composition.

You'd be surprised how much there is to learn about this choice, and the impact your decision can have!

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A fun and easy way to make images using juice from fruits, plants, flowers and vegetables as both sensitizer and pigment!

“Nature is the final place where memory lies.” Binh Danh. Binh Danh, the photographer who has made famous the chlorophyll prints, said that this is a whole process of attempts and ...

The chlorophyll process is an organic alternative photography process akin to the anthotype process.

Here are some tips that could help you preserve your film photographs.

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Carbon transfer is a contact printing process that produces an image formed by a layer of hardened, pigmented gelatin on a surface which is ...Cyanotypes - A New Look at an Old Technique: A thesis comparing the perception of cyanotypes to the perception of stock photography.The thesis of Malin Hylén (now Malin Fabbri) that got the website Alternative started back in 2000.Writer / Jacques Kevers Photography / Images from Light and by René Smets Members of the Picto Benelux alternative photographic processes group tests the new hand-held UV-meter by Ian Parker at Light Ian Parker at Light builds and sells a one-of-a-kind UV meter, designed specifically for artists who work with UV-sensitive media. If you want your grandchildren to see your film photos, there are several factors that you must take into consideration to preserve the original state of your pictures.However, instead of printing on the crushed extract of fruit or plant matter, the prints are bleached by sunlight directly onto the surface of leaves using a positive.

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