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Though she has been in multiple long term relationships, it seems like she has not yet found the right man to settle down and get married with.

In mid 2000, her short fling with footballer Michael Jonson made headlines.

Never the less it happened, and now B Snow has a hilarious story about the worst blind date ever.

She was raised by her father John and Mother Cinda Archer Snow and has a half-sister, Holly and half-brother, John Jr.

as a teenager, she faces problems as other faces as her parents wanted her be the best in school and hired a tutor when she got “B”.

After passing through some unsuccessful relationship, currently Snow is dating actor Tyler Hoechlin.

As most of the celebrities, Snow as well has been facing the rumor of having plastic surgery.

In small screen, she guested in sitcoms, such as “Law & Order: SVU”, “Family Guy”, “Gossip Girl”, “Ben and Kate” and “Call Me Crazy: A Five Film”.

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