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Since August, the actress has been living apart from Shanian, a writer-actor she met in Los Angeles in 2002 when she starred in the play he co-wrote (). Last month, Spelling told PEOPLE she was “disappointed” by the split and hoped to sit down with her estranged husband to “talk about all this in detail.” “I went into the marriage with the best intentions, hopes and dreams,” she said. But according to a source close to Spelling, by the beginning of August, when she was in Ottawa to film the TV movie she and Shanian were “living separate lives.” Away on the set for three weeks, “She realized the relationship was not right for her,” says her friend.She also realized was developing feelings for costar Dean Mc Dermott. You can’t help who you fall in love with and who you’re right with.” Meanwhile, Mc Dermott’s estranged wife, Mary Jo Eustace, spoke out about their own divorce, telling PEOPLE their breakup was “humiliating beyond anything I’ve ever known.” “Right now my family and I are just trying to move through this nightmare one day at a time, with the hope of maintaining some dignity and resolve,” she said.

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Spelling told People: "I love sharing my stories and experiences with people and connecting to them on both a humorous and emotional level.At age six, Spelling was given acting lessons from an acting coach hired by her father, and was subsequently given guest spots on television series such as The Love Boat, T. Hooker, Hotel, Fantasy Island, Vega$ and Saved by the Bell.At the age of 17, she was given the role of Donna Martin on Beverly Hills, 90210, co-produced by Aaron Spelling's company Spelling Television.(1996), and several independent films, including The House of Yes (1997) and Trick (1999).In 2006, Spelling starred as herself in the VH1 sitcom So Notorious, which parodied her public image.and performed a skit where she baked cookies for the characters on the show.

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