Who is elliot yamin dating


Both of those tunes were penned by Brett Nolan’s father, veteran tunesmith Kenny Nolan, renowned for writing such hits as “My Eyes Adored You” and “Lady Marmalade,” as well as his own ’70s smash “I Like Dreamin’.” “It was very inspiring having Kenny involved with this project,” Yamin notes.

“He’d come by during our sessions and he’d play songs for me here and there, and some of them really stuck, including the two on the album.

Artists are supposed to grow and test boundaries and challenge themselves, and I feel like I got to do that with this record.” The only two songs on the album not co-written by Yamin are the infectious “I’ll Be That Bridge” and the aforementioned title number.Abraham and Rebecca were Russian Jewish immigrants.Elliott’s maternal grandmother was Bernice Dorothy Hoffman (the daughter of Frank Hoffman and Ethel “Bessie” Cohen).“I wanted to have the same producers for this whole album, which I’d never had before, and I wanted to be totally involved in the production, the mixing, the vocal arrangements, from start to finish,” Yamin asserts.“I really got to get my hands dirty this time, and I learned so much making this album.“There were some hints of that on my first album, but my second album was pretty much machine-driven.

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